Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nature's Shabby Chic

Last Saturday I was cutting grass, something I love to do, and as I passed a birdhouse in the corner of my yard I noticed something hanging from one of the doors.  This is actually a bird condo as it will house 4 nests and at the present time there are "No Vacancies"!  When I looked up I saw the sweetest thing...a piece of shabby old lace hanging from the birdhouse.  How precious....even God's little creatures like to make things fancy!!  My friends on Facebook have deemed these birds "Southern Belle Birds" and I have to agree.  We all need a little "fancy" in our lives.  My very first thought was, "Thank you Lord!".  I needed this little bit of serendipity at that very moment.  Sometimes our hearts just get so heavy with the burdens of this world we often forget who to give our troubles to.  I'm one who looks for signs...and for me, on this cool fall morning...this was my sign.  It was like God just stopped me in my tracks and said, "I'm still here!"  It's little gifts like this that make my heart sing and remind me He is never out of my reach.