Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Moon Pies . . .A Southern Treat!

Well, ya'll all know there is nothing like a moon pie and an RC Cola to take care of a little hunger pain and here is a cute way to decorate a plain old moon pie and make it something special for Halloween!  Unwrap your moon pies and insert a 9" wooden dowel into the side, up through the marshmallow middle.  I pushed my dowel through, almost to the top.  Now you are ready to decorate them.  I laid them all out on a sheet of wax paper and used melted chocolate as my glue. I used the back of a spoon as my spatula and applied the melted chocolate all around the outter edge, then sprinkled orange Halloween sprinkles while the chocolate was sticky.  It only takes a few minutes for it to harden.  After the melted chocolate was hard I turned the moon pies over and shook off the excess sprinkles.  I attached candy corn with more melted chocolate, let that harden, packaged them in cellophane bags from AC Moore and tied them with curling ribbon in Halloween colors!  These are the cutest little treats!  I can't wait to give these to the children that will be coming to have some Halloween fun with me at school on Friday!  They will be so surprised!  Just let your imagination run with the decorating!  I love the banana moon pies too and I think they would be so cute decorated with a monogram!  Now you know everyone needs a monogrammed moon pie!  Hope ya'll have as much fun making these fun treats as I did!  Trick or Treat!!!


  1. So stinkin' cute!! Thanks for the great idea! My Cracker Barrel has peanut butter and mint moon pies! They are to die for!

  2. How cute is that!!!! I think I know some little grandgirls that will be getting decorated moon pies!
    Thanks for another fun idea!!

  3. So cute! Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh! Those are so adorable! I love that you used wooden dowels....such a fun treat! And too funny that you mentioned RC Cola. I have not thought about that for a long time. My grandma was a big fan of RC Cola :)

  5. Loving your posts! Hope you are your computer now. You and Brooke are lovely Southern ladies.