Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Seeing Your Daughter as a Bride.....It's Bridal Portrait Day!

Well, the day has arrived when the reality that my little girl is getting married has become not only a thought, but a vision.  She is a stunning bride, and as I see the beautiful woman she has become, a big lump forms in my throat.  It's bridal portrait day!  What an exciting event!  It was fun picking out the dress, going for all the fittings, picking out the shoes and all the bling that will compliment the dress...but it's quite different when your beautiful daughter has her hair and makeup professionally done and slips into that gorgeous gown, complete with veil, shoes, and all the bling....and as she slowly turns around, all of a sudden you are swept back to the day she was born and you wonder where have all the years gone?  There is no other person in all the world, not even daddy, who can understand the feelings that engulf a mother's heart.  Yesterday was that day for me.  It was an exciting day with picture perfect weather...but I will have to say there were many times when that lump in my throat caused me to fight back the tears....happy tears!  With every click of the camera I was reminded of other firsts along the way, each one as much a part of me as if they all happened yesterday.

We started our day at Boone Hall Plantation...what a fitting backdrop for a southern belle, not to mention, Brooke's favorite movie "The Notebook", was filmed there!  After spending a couple hours at Boone Hall we headed to downtown Charleston....aaahhh...I love that city!  Now picture this...here we are traipsing up and down every street in Charleston, me holding up the the train of her dress, Brooke holding her bouquet and maneuvering her every step on cobblestone streets, while cars were tooting their horns, yelling CONGRATULATIONS!, BEST WISHES, YOU'RE A GORGEOUS BRIDE!  It was so much fun, it was like everyone was celebrating with us!  A special moment was when we were working our way down a side street, I think it was Tradd, and the cutest little couple met us head on.  In a heavy Irish accent the wife of the twosome said, "Oh my goodness, did you just get married?"  "Oh no", replied Brooke, "I am having my bridal portraits made today!"  "I'm getting married in July."  "Oh heavens, we don't do that in Ireland...we just arrived a few hours ago and what a wonderful surprise we have today!"  Well wishes and blessings flowed from this couple!  With that and tons of excitement  the sweet lady opened her purse and rummaged around until she pulled out her change purse.  "Oh I have to give you something!!!  You need an Irish coin for good luck!"  What a sweet and thoughtful gesture!!  Tears welled again!!  Sniff, sniff!  I had to give her a hug!  A special memory to the end of a perfect day!  Okay...I made it through all the pictures...but, as I was driving back home to Columbia my mind began to ramble...soft, sweet music playing added to the sentimental moment...and I began to wonder.  I held up pretty good today...but what about the day I watch as she enters the church and walks down the aisle.  I really don't believe I will be able to contain myself...but one thing I know for sure.... the tears I shed will be tears of joy!  

Thanks for sharing my sentimental moment...more stories from a sentimental mom to come!


  1. What a beautiful memory you both have now!
    I am sure I would will cry buckets when Gwen marries.

  2. That is so sweet! I know you all had a wonderful day together!

  3. Becky, I'm sitting here, shedding a few tears of my own, as I'm reading your blog... What precious memories you have made, and are still making! So excited for you all as the big day draws near...and remember that those tears just mean you have a loving, tender heart - and that's something to be proud of :)

  4. Becky, what wonderful times for you and Brooke! Thank you for including us in your memories in making!
    Hugs, Patti

  5. Congratulations to your daughter! I just got married last summer, so I know this must be a special time for you and your family! New follower :)