Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I've Jumped On The Band Wagon!

I have finally decided it's time to start a blog! Not that what I have to say is all that important but, I love to share. I love to share decorating ideas, craft ideas, foods I love to cook and special memories that I hope others will enjoy reading. I'm not really sure what all I will include on this blog so it will be a surprise from day to day to see what will pop up. I love the south and all that it holds, therefore a lot of what I will share will have a southern twist. For a long time I have memories from my childhood that keep popping up in my mind. Obviously these memories must have a special meaning or I wouldn't keep thinking about them, so from time to time I will share them with you and maybe you have some of the same memories and just need someone to stir the cobwebs in your brain.
First I would like to share a little about myself. I am a Christian and I give God credit for everything. Yes, the good and the bad. I don't believe God causes bad things to happen, but I do believe He allows it to help me be a better person. I truly believe there is good in everything. More on that later. I love to be creative! I sew, cook, craft, garden, decorate, monogram and entertain and I go on very little sleep. Every once in a while it does catch up with me and I crash! All of these things are fun and wonderful but there is one pitfall . . . I have a hard time just buying something already made! I will see it in the store, turn it over in my hand, turn it over in my brain and then say, "I think I can make this!" Another late night figuring out how it's made and then trying it out! A few months ago I gave a bridal shower to a friend of my daughter and I had made several of the items I gave as a gift. The bride to be was very grateful for her gifts and commented on how pretty the wrapping paper was and asked where I got it. Another young lady piped up and said, "She probably made it!" That's how bad I am. I am addicted to fabric stores, obsess over ribbon and can never have enough cook books! But that's just me! I do, however, enjoy just sitting down with a good book on my screened porch.
I hope you enjoy this blog, I have lots to share with you! So pull up a chair and sit a spell, there's no telling what I will come up with to talk about! I thought this graphic would best describe me and the things that make me happy! If you would like to create one you can go to Until later . . . ~Becky

A special thank you to my sweet daughter Brooke over at Shrimp and Glitz for creating my beautiful header!

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  1. hahah I am the young lady! You probably did make it! You make the cutest things!