Monday, November 15, 2010

Meet The Lunch Bunch Girls

Three years ago a group of teachers ended up in the break room at 12:15 only to find out that we all had the same lunch together.  Some of us planned to have lunch together, others joined later.  We started out as individuals, but have ended up bonding and becoming what we call The Lunch Bunch Girls.  Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think sharing lunch would bring us so close together, but it did!  We quickly discovered we all had a lot in common.  Our lives all center around faith, family, and food!  We all love to cook so naturally we talked a lot about food.  It didn't take long before  we began sharing recipes and occasionally someone would bring one of their delicious dishes for the group to try.  After realizing how much fun that was, we then began planning menus that would require us each to bring a favorite recipe from home and we would put them all together for our famous potluck lunches.  Our potluck lunches have turned into birthday celebrations at each home during the year.  Much has been discussed around our table.  We have solved the problems in education, figured out how gas prices can be lowered, and solved world hunger. Sometimes an "outsider" will enter the breakroom with a heavy heart and our quick response is, "Sit right down here and put it on the table, we'll help you solve whatever problem is bearing on your heart!"  Our friendships have grown strong over these few short years.  Probably because we all share a love of God, family and the south.  We laugh as we share our family traditions, how we were raised, and how we would nevah wear white before Easter or afteh Labor Day.  We love a road trip!  Just mention a place and we're ready to plan a trip.  We have a kindred spirit.  I know God has placed us together for a reason.  I dare say if I needed any one of these wonderful women any time during the day or night she would be right there for me. These ladies are my saving graces.  We have shared many things together which is probably what has bound our hearts.  We laugh together, we cry together and we pray together.  Sometimes we feel weak, sometimes we feel invincible.  We gain strength from one another.  We are steel magnolias, we are ladies of the south. 

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