Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Have Eggs Like Martha!

Several years ago, back when the original Martha Stewart Living show came on t.v., Martha did an episode on "things that inspire her".  I found while watching the show that we both keep a notebook with pictures, colors, fabrics and things that "inspire" us.  In her notebook she had taped shells from the eggs her chickens had laid.  The colors were beautiful...all of my favorites from light peaches to beautiful seafoam greens and aquas!  She went on to say her hens laid the beautifully hued eggs and that she loved the colors so much, she saved the shells because they were going to be the inspiration for her paint collection.  Of course this was years ago and she has come up with lots of colors since then, but I thought it was so interesting that egg shells, of all things, inspired her color chart!  Well, this weekend one of my mother's friends gave her 3 dozen eggs from her chickens and mama shared a dozen with me!  Oh my goodness!  I was so excited when I opened up the carton and there in all their glory and beautiful color were "Martha Eggs"!  I couldn't get over how pretty they were but, I could see right away why the colors were Martha's inspiration!  The picture below doesn't do them justice, but the colors are a beautiful olive and shades of aqua and peach.  I need these at Easter!  I hate to cook them but fresh eggs are so rich and good, I know they will be delicious!  Maybe I'll save the shells and tape them in my book of inspirations!  God gives us a color palette so rich and beautiful...we just need to open our eyes!

This picture really doesn't show their true colors but I just had to share!


  1. I want some! Sometimes I spend extra money just because I think the brown ones are prettier! haha

  2. Beautiful!
    I don't get these pretty eggs, but I do get fresh brown eggs from a friend of mine at school, they taste so much better than store bought.
    Have you ever dyed brown eggs at Easter, they make a nice muted color, very pretty.

  3. Those are so pretty! I have never had fresh eggs!