Tuesday, May 31, 2011

All About Faith & A June Giveaway!

I will have to say that without a doubt Faith is the strongest force in my life.
My belief that my Heavenly Father knows my wants, but pays more attention to my needs and fills my
life with purpose, is the greatest gift that I have ever received.
I don't think I fully understood this until I became a parent myself. 
It was then that I could "take a walk in His shoes" and truly understand parental reasoning.
When I began raising my daughter my first inclination was to give her everything,
or I wished I could give her everything, 
to plan, map out and chart the course for her life and take care of all problems that would arise. 
the parental heart in me knew that giving her everything would not build the character of a strong, independent woman,
charting the course for her life would not build in her the courage to take a leap of faith on her own,
taking care of problems along the way would not build the confidence she would need in times
when mama wasn't there.
I would not say yes to all her whims and wants, and from time to time I stood back and
let her take the reins in the decisions of everyday life knowing there would be a lesson
she would learn.  It's not easy being a parent because your heart wants to always say yes,
but with the parental wisdom given by God, I would say no...knowing all along it was best for her.

After understanding these things I realized that my all-knowing Heavenly Father  knew what was best for me and sometimes when I didn't think He was there, didn't think He was listening, He was on the sidelines, cheering me on....sometimes allowing me to stumble as I learned..... as I learned to lean on Him to guide my footsteps, because He knows best.
That's when I started relying on my Faith in Him to guide my way.
My prayers always begin with "God you know my heart, and you know my needs...."
And they end with
"Thank you for all my blessings and all I ask is that You provide me with what I need."
He has sustained me through many trials along the way, has provided for me when I felt there was
no end in sight.  He has blessed me with "gifts" that some people call talents, I prefer to call
them gifts from heaven because they have allowed me to earn extra money
when I needed it most..... and when my ideas run dry...He gives me a brainstorm.  He always provides.
I give Him all the credit for He knows my needs, and will help me along the way, as long as
my Faith is strong, and I trust in His love for me.

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see."   Hebrews 11:1

When I first saw the faith plaque I immediately wanted it for my porch.  But then I said no, I'll buy it for my mother as part of her Mother's Day gift.  Then after I got home I started thinking about it and decided I wanted to give one to my friend Sara who so often shares her faith stories with me. 
When I bought Sara's there were 2 left so, of course I decided to grab one for myself,
no sense in giving them all as gifts! 
Then I felt guilty....I wanted one of my sweet blogger friends to have one too so I went back to get
the last one but it was gone.  I was sad, but asked Sara to be on the look out for one on her
side of town.  No where were they to be found.
Well, yesterday I quickly ran to the store to grab a few things and thought well, maybe I'll check just
to see if they got some more.  I went up and down the aisles 3 times and was about to leave when
all of a sudden I saw it....all by itself on the clearance shelf!!!  I had to look twice to make
sure it said Faith!  I was so excited I immediately said, "Thank you Lord!"
So now I can share it with one of you!

This is my giveaway.... the pretty Faith table ornament you see pictured above.  I call it a table ornament
because I really don't know what you call the "words" that you use in decorating! 
Anyway here is how to enter:

1.  Become a Follower of my blog and post a comment.  You can share about your faith if you like, if not, that is fine! (1 entry)
2.  If you are already a Follower, post this giveaway on your sidebar or blog about it and leave a comment telling me (1 entry)
3.  Recommend my blog to your friends and have them mention you in their comment (1 entry)

Three ways to enter!  The last day for entries is Wednesday, June 8. 
I will notify the winner and post it on Thursday, June 9.

Thanks for listening to me ramble!     


  1. I love my faith table decoration. It has a special place in my office so I can remember that faith is present in every aspect of my life...including the workplace, where I often need it most! It is also a special reminder that my thoughtful friends help make the workday a lot easier to manage. They are always just a call, a click or a classroom away any time I need a lift. Thanks, Becky!!

  2. A wonderful story of faith, thanks for sharing. I love your special giveaway too!
    I posted on my blog...