Monday, May 23, 2011

Tonight Is The Bachelorette and I've Found Heaven on a Stick!

Although I'm not a reality show junkie I do enjoy watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.  These two shows are the only shows I never miss, and of course we can't leave out The Bachelor Pad, which is my all time favorite.  I think I like The Bachelor Pad best because it's the most realistic reality show of the three.  What you see is what you get, nothing planned or staged, but I'm sure there's quite a bit of editing!

Who will our Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert, choose?  We'll have to see!  My husband laughs at me and says, "Whoever would go on national t.v. and get dumped in front of millions of people, cry and make a fool of themselves, deserves whatever they get."  Well, that may be true's entertainment!  I may not believe in all that is said or done, and I certainly don't believe you can fall in love in 8 weeks on a few short dates and be ready to get married...but I do believe it can be the start to a long and meaningful relationship...look at Ryan and Trista (Are ya'll getting tired of seeing them interviewed on every season?....I guess ABC is just so excited that it "worked" they keep showing them off!) Charlie and Sara (I think they're still together), and of course Ali and Roberto.  Word has it from a very reliable source (personal friend with niece who lives in Charlotte) that Emily and Brad are still together in their long distance romance.  Emily still lives in Charlotte (and Brad in Texas) and has been seen in church with Brad and little Rickie and.....sources tell me her house has been up for sale.  Same source tells me little Rickie had a dance recital on Saturday, in Charlotte, and they were all together!  So, we will see.  It's nice to know they are going to church me that is a very good start!  Can't wait for tonight!

Now...about that heaven on a stick!!!  I am not a big ice cream fan.  I enjoy it occasionally, and only certain Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey or Pistaccio, Pistaccio or even Cherry Garcia.  I also am not one of those who, once I find a great flavor, will eat it every single night (like my husband!)  I will savor the flavor only once a week......while I'm watching The Bachelor!  That is my weekly indulgence, splurge, treat, whatever you want to call it!  Last season my flavor was Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey....I would eat half the container one week and save the other half for the next week.  This season...I'm so excited because I have found a new love!  Magnum Ice Cream Bars!  OMG ya'll, these are soooo delicious I just can't wait for tonight!  I have only tried one flavor and that is the Double Caramel.  Now let me tell you what this treat is all about...the vanilla ice cream is so smooth and creamy and it's covered with a thin layer of chocolate...which is covered by a nice layer of caramel which is covered by a thick layer of chocolate....Belgium chocolate to be exact!  Not the waxy, stick to your teeth chocolate that you usually find on ice cream bars...this stuff is good!  There are 6 different flavors.  I've bought all mine at Food Lion or Publix but they carry them at Walmart and Target too as well as other grocery stores and here is a link to a $1.00 off coupon from Target...I just printed mine.  Now hurry because the coupon expires May 31 and you know you're gonna want one while you watch The Bachelor tonight!!!  Now ya'll run on out to your local grocer or Target and grab a'll be so glad you did!  Now don't forget...9:00... I'll be on my couch...with Magnum ice cream bar in hand!  Toodles!              

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  1. I hate to admit it, but I watch the Bachelor and Bachelorette too. Kind of silly shows, but I guess I like the drama being somewhere else other than my house, hehe.
    The ice cream sounds delicious!! I better stick with my Caramel Cone Skinny Cow though, I have to save my calories for your Coconut Ice Cream, that I adore!!!
    Dancing with the Stars is on my list tonight too!